marți, 13 august 2013

REVIEW: Essence limited edition eyeshadows 01. CONE HEAD and 02.ICYLICIOUS

           Hello There!

           Long time no see...well... i'm Back!
           Today i'm going to review 2 of the essence eyeshadows from Me and My icecream  limited edition!
           As i am such an essence fan...i was so excited about this i couldn't help myself from buying even more make-up..:)). Well...the collection looks like this! :)
        I fell in love with those eyeshadows...even though i have just 2 of them! So look at those beauties!
                                                              01.CONE HEAD


               Both of the eyeshadows have  a really interesting texture, very buttery and buildable. Also both of them are shimmery, in a white shade...Cone Head is a  shimmery white with really cold subtones.
               The Icylicious...i have to my have such a gorgeous color...golden-rose...kind of color... Just AMAZING!
               As always my photos are not of the best...and my swatches...are i'll just put a photo with Cone Head  on :)

 I know that the's not very accurate...but at least you have a little idea about how it looks's the perfect highlighting  color! :)

      So thanks for passing by and as i said...more reviews and looks are coming! :)

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